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Practice the APICS, Basics, CPIM, CSCP exams: make records!

Are you looking for records to prepare for your APICS exams? Basics, CPIM or CSCP? Download our E-books! Faced with the lack of quality collections for the preparation of APICS exams, we wanted to group records in collections dedicated to intensive training for these certifications. This initiative is based on a personal observation: there is no work on the market bringing together questions / answers to practice. So we created them! Based on this observation, and given the number of candidates that we are looking for and preparing our Supply Chain certifications, we embarked on the harvest, selection and organization in the form of a collection of hundreds of questions / answers, in the aim to train, train and train again. So we put online our first E-books for CPIM, Part 1 (basics), then Part 2, and finally the complete CPIM e-book (Part 1 & 2). We keep them up to date with the latest developments and they are available for download here: Given the success of our CPIM books and your satisfaction, we have more recently launched our second book: the CSCP e-book, also available on the page above. We wish you all a great success in preparing your certifications and do not hesitate to contact us to give us your feedback! Best Regards, JC for

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