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With SupplyChainCertified, get your career on the path to success

Best publications. Mock Tests. Past Papers.

The Essentials of APICS exams.


We are convinced that Supply Chain is one of the most powerful lever to make our companies more efficient. In that way of thinking we strongly believe that more and more professionals should be trained for a better knowledge of Supply Chain potential in order to develop their business.


Moreover, it is getting a global topic and never stops advancing, much quicker that supply chain professionals and their organizations. 


Around the world, supply chains enable and inspire human and economic possibility. However, to reach their potential they require qualified teams of operators, supervisors and leaders.

APICS certifications will allow you to develop supply chain talent and elevate  end-to-end supply chain performance.


In the jungle of Supply Chain publications, we experienced difficulties to find out the good ones to prepare certifications. So we took up the challenge to gather only the essentials and propose you a collection of past papers with hundreds of Questions & Answers.


It took us a very long time to gather all Q&A together and we came to E-Books full of hundreds of questions & answers that will tremendously help you reviewing before your exams. Our E-books are all very useful mock tests for APICS exams (CPIM, CSCP) very similar to the exams.

You will find our E-books here.

We wish you the best successes in your APICS certifications and career !

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